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Helping the Addiction Community

“We spent years verifying the information available on the site. We have reviewed the data provided for each center and verified the accredited services, accurate physical locations, phone numbers, and website addresses. We are committed to continually improving and validating the information we provide.” Missy Held, Co-Founder

“We are building a community around help and support for addiction. We crowd source information to allow for the reporting of inaccurate facts, which we will then research and verify. Our mission is to bring clarity and transparency to those searching for drug and alcohol addiction treatment.” Kelly Urban, Co-Founder

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring clarity and transparency to those searching for drug and alcohol treatment by providing the most user-friendly search tool to show licensed and accredited rehabilitation centers allowing someone to make informed decisions about his/her treatment.

    • BreakFreely allows you to simply find the right rehab treatment center for either yourself or a loved one. No phone call to a middle man, no broker, no referral. Important information is listed for each center so you can make your own decision and contact the treatment center you like directly and ask these important questions.
    • Only licensed treatment centers accredited by CARF, Joint Commission,or COA are on BreakFreely. According to the NIDA, there are over 14,500 treatment centers in the U.S. and approximately 4,800 are accredited and listed on our website.
    • Find a center you like? Call the center to check their availability or see if there is a wait list. We created BreakFreely out of the frustration of trying to locate a treatment center that is a tailor-made fit for a loved one, relative, or friend who has a drug or alcohol addiction problem.
    • BreakFreely provides a list of important information about treatment centers that helps in the decision making when choosing the right addiction treatment. We include street view location, phone number, reviews, website, what services they provide and personnel, counselor to patient ratio, if detox is provided, and type of care. If you need additional information, like insurance accepted, please call the center for help.
    • If you are looking for a treatment center that only admits women, check that filter. First search for rehab centers in the city or zip code, then check the filter box marked, “Female only”.  You can also filter on other criteria. At Breakfreely, we believe fighting addiction is a community effort. We encourage feedback and suggestions on making our site better. We provide information gathered from a variety of sources to help you make informed decisions when choosing treatment.
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