Why should I use and trust BreakFreely.com and not just call an 800 number I found on the Internet or on a TV ad?

There are a few things that set BreakFreely apart from all other treatment center referral services. First, BreakFreely requires that all treatment centers listed on our website are licensed by their state. We require that the centers be accredited by either CARF, The Joint Commission, or COA. The Federal Government does not regulate the Addiction Treatment Industry and these accreditation agencies are private agencies that provide independent certification for health care providers including drug and alcohol treatment centers. Also, we empower you the user to have the tools you need to find the right treatment center without having to call an 800 number. Some 800 numbers are not staffed with certified counselors just telemarketers looking to place you with whatever center has availability whether they are licensed or accredited.

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