Searching for drug rehab centers can be difficult

Finding the Right Rehab Treatment

Leasha needed help and was vulnerable. She struggled with alcoholism and decided to search for addiction treatment help on the internet.

Leasha fell into a trap that many others do. Seeking legitimate alcohol and drug rehab centers has become more and more difficult. When searching  phrases like “rehabs near me,” many results include directories that include 800 numbers for lead generators, third-party call centers selling potential clients to rehabs.  Please read The Verge article, rehabs-near-me-google-search-scam-florida-treatment-centers, to understand.

Breakfreely only lists Licensed and Accredited Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers

This is why Breakfreely was created. Breakfreely only lists licensed and accredited drug and alcohol rehab centers. Breakfreely is not affiliated or owned by any particular rehab center and is transparent showing centers based on proximity of your search. All phone numbers are direct lines to the actual center. The Breakfreely staff works diligently researching these sites to verify their accreditation, phone numbers and addresses. We provide Google street view, when available, so you can see the actual place you will be getting your treatment.

Breakfreely data cannot be 100% accurate, so we welcome suggestions on edits of information as well as suggestions to make our site better. We do not change the information of our centers without approval of the actual center. We do not post reviews, but welcome them. Please contact us if you have a concern regarding a center. We will investigate.

Helping people break free from addiction is our goal, but it is a community effort. Share this article with others you feel can benefit on getting treatment for drug and/or alcohol addiction. Finding alcohol or drug addiction treatment should not be difficult and searching Breakfreely should start your process.

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